Anthony's Health Tips

Anthony loves people who make him laugh and is convinced laughing cures many ills. But sometimes this is not enough, and our body needs a helping hand to stay healthy. This is why Anthony Clavien started creating the detoxifying products and herbal remedies he is known for.

His best selling products are:

  • SOBER UP - detoxes the liver
  • Nutra Cleanse - detoxes the body
  • Manages hepatotoxicity

The importance of giving

Want to be happier? Give more. Give better. Anthony firmly believes in the importance of giving and has been supporting charities by donating time, money and attention for over 20 years.

Clavien's chosen charities mainly focus on children and animals.

Anthony encourages people to find a cause they care about and donate whatever possible, whether that's time or money.

Travel and explore

Anthony Clavien loves to travel and has visited many countries. But one of his favourite places is still Great Brittain and he started a travel blog where he shares his recommended hot spots in the UK.
Some of the topics he covers:
  • Countryside hotspots
  • Londons Nightlife
  • Best restaurants
  • Museums