Detox your Liver with Milk Thistle

Anthony Clavien Liver Detox TIps

As mentioned on this site, Anthony came up with SOBER UP, a liver detoxification product. But he has more tips to offer when it comes to liver detox as he knows not everyone has money to spare for special products.

Many people know that milk thistle is one of the best methods to detox naturally; clinical research has now confirmed the therapeutic value in liver-related conditions. Every day we ingest or inhale chemical products, resulting in toxin build-up in the body. Among over 500 other functions, our liver is tasked with the important job of filtering and removing these harmful substances from our body.

Milk thistle is widely recognized for liver detoxification because of its regeneration properties; it helps to repair already damaged liver cells while stimulating the growth of new liver cells. This healing herb can also reduce free radicals in the liver.

Using milk thistle supplements is a great way to cleanse the liver and keep the body healthy. Anthony Clavien will also tell you that milk thistle is good for other aspects of overall health, including kidney function, renal function, and has even been known to help with some issues related to prostate health. Milk thistle is a great supplemental herb for men to take on a daily basis and its benefits can even be magnified when coupled with saw palmetto for men.